Welche Inhalte lassen sich in OneNote einbinden

Welche Inhalte lassen sich in OneNote einbinden

A step-by-step tutorial on OneNote embed - how to embed YouTube, PowerPoint, Forms, Word, and many more apps. This is the Ultimate Guide to embed in OneNote. Embed apps into Microsoft OneNote for an interactive experience with Office apps, and many top 3rd party apps like Quizlet, Geogebra, Wakelet, Buncee, Adobe Spark, PhET and many more. OneNote Embed works in OneNote for Windows 10, OneNote 2016, OneNote for web, OneNote in Teams, OneNote iPad and OneNote Mac.

Check out: https://aka.ms/OneNoteEmbed for the full list of apps

Table of contents

00:00 β†’ Introduction

00:32 β†’ YouTube embed

01:48 β†’ Word embed

02:17 β†’ Excel embed

02:38 β†’ PowerPoint embed

03:01 β†’ Forms embed

03:31 β†’ Sway embed

03:57 β†’ Flipgrid embed

04:35 β†’ Stream embed

05:02 β†’ Quizlet embed

05:42 β†’ Geogebra embed

05:57 β†’ Wakelet Embed

06:38 β†’ Buncee embed

07:08 β†’ Adobe Embed

07:36 β†’ PhET embed

08:06 β†’ Giphy embed

08:30 β†’ Flat.io embed

09:03 β†’ Vimeo embed

09:28 β†’ Soundcloud embed

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